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I Awoke D.A.R.E T-Shirt

Dare to resist the Illuminati.

There are a few powerful families that control the world thru their secret societies which they use to implement their vision upon the world. A vision of war, fear, hatred, greed, division, and destruction. There comes a time where we must ask ourselves how long are we willing to sit idly by and let this all transpire? We must ask ourselves if we can do better? This is not a path for the weak of heart. For they kill all our Leaders, kill all the scientists that come up with cures and technology that could free us. Anything that is a threat to their power is destroyed and silenced. But a world where peace and harmony exists is possible. Anything we can dream and envision we can accomplish. We must all stand together and say no more to their tyranny. No more to Big Pharma, no more to the industrial military complex, no more to Police Brutality, no more to poverty and hunger and the destruction of mother nature that can be prevented, no more to slaving away for minimum wage while they get bail outs and make billions off our backs, no more to the 1 percent controlling us all. All the while they keep us asleep, scrolling thru our phones, indoctrinating us with their so called "education" while suppressing our real history. Keeping us oblivious to who we really are. That we are not this body, but infinite eternal consciousness. We have been living as slaves and it's time to wake up and reclaim our freedom.

Welcome to the Awoken.

Stay awoke.