Are you on a spiritual journey still looking for your tribe? I Awoke is not just another clothing brand. We are changing the world one shirt at a time. Join the Awoken and declare with us: I Awoke.

I Awoke is passionate about waking people up to their higher consciousness through clothing. 

Our goal is to wake up as many people as possible via the medium of art. We want people to become aware of who they are and to acquire knowledge of self. This knowledge has been kept from the masses by the powers that be, the secret societies with members in high places that dumb us down and control us via their media channels, thru politics (most presidents have been Freemasons and are probably Extraterrestrial Shapeshifting Reptilians), the money/debt and banking system (The Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor a Reserve and prints money out of thin air backed up by absolutely nothing an charges us interest that can never be payed back, in effect keeping us in debt as slaves), the military industrial complex (that must continue to fight wars on "terrorism" in order to spread more fear and generate higher profits), health care system (which gives us pills to treat instead of to cure diseases that ultimately mess up other parts of our bodies so me must keep going back to the doctor creating a vicious cycle), down to the genetically modified food we eat that keep us sick and so on.

Our mission at I Awoke is to expose the truth wherever it may be. By wearing one of our garments you are symbolizing to the world that you will no longer remain a slave to these hidden masters but will instead elevate humanity to it's highest potential striving toward peace and love. In short WE ARE ALL ONE. And until we act that way and treat each other as an extension of our own self then the hope for the future of humanity remains thin at best.

The good news is that we are more powerful than we could have ever imagined. We are the creators of our world. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. So by changing our inner world our outer world will automatically change to reflect that. That means in essence if we cultivate peace, love and harmony within ourselves then we will create an outer world of peace, harmony and love as well. Racism, classism, sexism, any ism, poverty, wars, fear, greed, hatred would all disappear in a second and be replaced with the higher frequencies of love, peace, harmony and unity.

Thank you for joining the Awoken and welcome to the divine mission of changing the world for the better.